Stump Removal


Conyers Stump Removal

Getting rid of an old stump also gives you the ability to change the design of your landscape or add new trees. Trees are a great way to improve the appearance of your property and provide shade and weather protection to your home. Eliminating an old stump will create the perfect opportunity to plant a new tree.

All Tree Related Services

Branching Out Tree Service offers residential and commercial customers a full line of tree related services in addition to stump grinding. We also provide:

Man with tree loading equipment

A very important part of tree removal is stump removal. Branching Out Tree Service offers stump grinding services to its residential and commercial customers. Whether you are having a tree taken down or you have an old stump in your yard you want removed, Branching Out Tree Service can provide you with quick and easy stump removal services.

Why Remove The Stump?

In the past it was not unusual for a tree to be cut down and the stump left in place. This practice may have been in place because of the difficulty there was in removing a stump. This is no longer the case. Branching Out Tree Service has the right equipment to stump grind any size stump out of your yard, leaving you with a crisp and clean landscape

Removing a stump after a tree has been cut down is good for your property. Dead wood attracts many unwelcome pests such as burrowing bees or hornets and termites. The Georgia climate makes these dead tree stumps the perfect place for fire and carpenter ants to live, as well as other unwanted bugs. Removing the dead stump removes the risk of these pests moving in.

If you have any type of tree related issue on your residential or commercial property, you are encouraged to call Branching Out Tree Service. One of our professional staff members will gladly provide you with the assistance that you need.